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The fight to fix gerrymandering is right now—and we need your help! Here’s what you can do.

Make a contribution

Electing Democrats, building new technology, and filing lawsuits takes resources. Every little bit counts towards building and strengthening our national strategy.

Recruit local candidates

If we’re not sitting at the table, we’re on the menu. It’s crucial that Democrats run for every office everywhere–there’s no role too small. Work together to find people in your community and help them become your next representative.

Write an op-ed

Let your neighbors and local leaders know that you’re ready for fair redistricting by writing an op-ed or sending a letter to the editor of your local papers. NDRC can provide you with content and statistics to help.

Call your state representatives

Your state legislature plays a role in redistricting–whether they draw the maps, pick the commissioners, or vote on a plan. Let them know you’re holding them accountable to a fair redistricting process.

Learn more about redistricting

Redistricting rules change state to state. Learn more about how the laws affect you and your state by going to our More Information Page.

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You can help!

We can’t do this without your help, and there’s a lot to be done. Join us as we bring fair lines back to our states and common sense back to our politics. No matter where you live, get involved today.

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3 things you can do now