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On November 7th, Virginians will elect their next governor. The last time Republicans ran the redistricting process in Virginia, they created severely gerrymandered maps that created an unfair advantage for Republicans and diminished the voice of minority voters. We can’t let it happen again.

How Republicans Gerrymandered Virginia


Republican Bob McDonnell is elected Governor of Virginia.
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Census happens.


Redistricting process begins in Virginia. Republicans in the House of Delegates draw gerrymandered maps, and Gov. McDonnell signs them.


Barack Obama wins Virginia with 52% of the vote. Yet the new gerrymandered maps give Republicans 73% of the congressional delegation.


Despite President Obama winning 52% of the state, the new gerrymandered maps give Republicans 66% of the state House.


Virginians will elect a Governor with the power to sign or veto the next maps drawn in 2021. That’s why electing Dr. Ralph Northam is crucial to stopping gerrymandering in VA.

The next governor of Virginia will have the ability to veto any and every map presented by the legislature. Democrat Ralph Northam, a retired army doctor, is running against Republican Ed Gillespie, a DC lobbyist who headed up these Republican gerrymandering efforts across the country in 2011-2012.

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