As Redistricting Gets Underway, NDRC Calls for New Maps to Fairly and Accurately Reflect the Will of Wisconsin Voters


Fabiola Rodriguez

U.S. Census Bureau today released data that enables Wisconsin lawmakers to start drawing new congressional and state legislative maps

U.S. Census Bureau today released data that enables Wisconsin lawmakers to start drawing new congressional and state legislative maps

Madison, WI – Following today’s release of population data by the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is calling on Wisconsin lawmakers to draw fair congressional maps that accurately reflect the will of the voters, with both Republicans and Democrats able to win half the seats.

Further, a fair map should have compact districts and not dilute the representation of people of color. The new redistricting data, which enables state lawmakers to start the map drawing process, is expected to be used by the Republican-controlled state legislature to gerrymander themselves into power as much as mathematically possible.

“For too long Wisconsinites have had to reside in one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. With the release of the U.S. Census Data, we now have the opportunity to change that and draw new maps,” said Elizabeth Treviño, Wisconsin State Director for NDRC.

Although Wisconsin has had both Republican and Democratic wave elections during the past decade, the state’s congressional delegation has been locked at five Republican seats and three Democratic seats. For example, in 2020, despite winning just 51% of the congressional vote statewide, Republicans held nearly two-thirds of the seats. In 2018 Democrats won 53.8% of the congressional vote but only held 37.5% of seats, and in the state legislature, Democrats earned 50.7% of the vote but won only 39.4% of seats. State legislative maps should reflect the will of voters, and to meet this basic standard of fairness entirely new maps should be drawn.

“Wisconsin is a true swing state and the state’s congressional and state legislative districts should reflect that reality with maps that enable both parties to win roughly half the seats. The people deserve maps that empower them to hold their elected officials accountable,” added Treviño.

The congressional and state legislative maps drawn by Republican lawmakers following the 2010 Census were some of the most egregiously gerrymandered in the country. Republicans are once again planning to deny the will of voters through gerrymandering and know they will face a lawsuit because of their intended undemocratic actions, which is evidenced by their attempts to hire private redistricting attorneys with taxpayer dollars.

NDRC will continue to call on Wisconsin lawmakers to draw fair maps that are responsive to voters and competitive for both major political parties.