Our fight is now.

There is no “off season” in redistricting. Gerrymandering poses a critical threat to our democracy, with opponents of fair maps actively undermining redistricting reforms, electing Election Deniers, and threatening mid-decade map redraws.

The NDRC is working protect fair maps, combat ongoing gerrymandering, and prepare for upcoming redistricting battles, but we can’t do it alone. We need the continued support and commitment of those dedicated to safeguarding democracy. Are you in? →

Our Comprehensive Strategy

Our strategy will be critical to achieving fair maps in 2032 – but we must start working now. Fighting gerrymandering and nefarious Republicans will require investment and work for the long term.


01: Best-in-Class Mapping

NDRC & Affiliates will develop state-of-the-art mapping capabilities, to ensure our tools are cutting edge and reflect the rapidly-changing landscape of mapping technology and artificial intelligence;


02: Electoral Investment

We have a strategic plan for political and electoral engagement throughout the decade, to build and shift power so that the right people are in the right places in advance of the next redistricting cycle;


03: Grassroots Mobilization

We will mobilize our supporters to be engaged in efforts that build toward fair redistricting, including working toward a fair and accurate 2030 Census;

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Eric Holder: The NDRC’s 10 Year Plan

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“The biggest rigged system in America is gerrymandering.
Together we can change that and restore fairness to our democracy. Join our fight because politicians shouldn’t choose their voters — voters should choose their representatives.”

Eric H. Holder, Jr. 82nd U.S. Attorney General

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