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Gerrymandering is a critical tool for those trying to erode our democracy – every year, not every 10 years. This means every election cycle, map changes will have the potential to decide the congressional majority.

We know that we can protect the fair maps we have achieved, fight the ongoing attempts to gerrymander, and be ready for the redistricting fights ahead. But we can’t do it alone.

Let’s get to work: Our 2023-2024 Priority States

2023 Virginia Democracy Defenders

Democracy is on the line: this November, Virginia will hold its first election under new legislative maps. We’re proud to endorse 77 Democracy Defenders in their upcoming races.

Aaron Rouse* SD-22
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Amy Laufer HD-55
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Danica Roem SD-30
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Jarris Taylor Jr. HD-86
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Kimberly Pope Adams HD-82
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Travis Nembhard HD-22
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“The biggest rigged system in America is gerrymandering.
Together we can change that and restore fairness to our democracy. Join our fight because politicians shouldn’t choose their voters — voters should choose their representatives.”

Eric H. Holder, Jr. 82nd U.S. Attorney General

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