Our 10 Year Plan

There’s no longer an “off season” in redistricting. Redistricting is a crucial part of the fight to protect democracy, and it is ongoing. If we do not stay diligent, we will lose the progress towards fairness for which we have fought so hard.

We know that with our battle-tested strategy and team, we can protect the fair maps we have achieved, fight the ongoing attempts to gerrymander, and be ready for the redistricting fights ahead. But we can’t do it alone. We need the ongoing support and commitment of others who also want to protect our democracy.

Our Comprehensive Strategy

Our strategy will be critical to achieving fair maps in 2032 – but we must start working now. Fighting gerrymandering and nefarious Republicans will require investment and work for the long term.


01: Best-in-Class Mapping

Technology and the use of AI are changing rapidly, and our investments in our technical mapping skills will ensure that our tools are cutting edge;


02: Electoral Investment

Strategic political and electoral engagement throughout the decade – we will build power so that we can shift power, to put the right people in the right places;


03: Grassroots Mobilization

Grassroots mobilization and public education – we will mobilize our supporters to be engaged in efforts that built toward fair redistricting, including working toward a fair and accurate 2030 Census;


04: Accountability Efforts

The NDRC and its affiliates will move the needle toward representative democracy by holding legislators accountable to their voters. That means playing defense to protect good process and fair maps, while going on offense to enforce the Voting Rights Act and challenge racial and partisan gerrymanders.


05: Redistricting Reform

Advancing redistricting reforms and policy changes at both the state and the federal level – we are already shaping improved redistricting processes in states that faltered during this past redistricting cycle.

“As proud as I am of what we’ve all accomplished together, we can’t stop now. Redistricting is no longer a once a decade process.

The extreme wing of the Republican Party has grown dependent on gerrymandering. It’s become pretty clear that competitive elections just aren’t their thing. As a result, redistricting never stops. It is perpetual.”

Eric H. Holder, Jr. 82nd U.S. Attorney General

The Timeline

Help the NDRC continue fighting for fairness:

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