2024 Electoral Priority States

As we head into the 2024 election cycle, where most of the focus will be on the Presidential race, NDRC is holding its focus on state-level and down-ballot races.

We’ve selected an initial round of electoral priorities, including state-level offices that provide a critical firewall against Republican gerrymandering. This marks the first round of elections that could affect the outcome of the 2031 redistricting cycle and, with NDRC and affiliates already in place, there’s an opportunity for a much longer runway than before to make an impact.

We are investing in races that are critical to the long-term fight for fairness. Being successful in these elections could help lay the foundation for an even fairer redistricting process in 2031.

State Legislatures

State legislatures have proven to be key to enacting new redistricting reforms, strengthening existing redistricting reforms, and providing a key check on Republican attempts to gerrymander.


The threat of  Republicans enacting a mid-cycle gerrymander is real in New Hampshire, and given the legislature and the governor are integral to that process, Democrats must win at least one branch of state government to prevent Republicans from attempting to gerrymander mid-cycle.

2024 Governors

State Supreme Courts

State Supreme Courts have the power to review and, if necessary, overturn redistricting plans that are unfair or unconstitutional. Having a fair-minded court is vital to upholding democratic principles. We’ve seen the repercussions of an ideological court in North Carolina that is rolling back the rights of North Carolinians. Standing in stark contrast, we achieved a pro-democracy majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which then issued a decision that led to the state legislature’s enactment of new, fairer state legislative maps.

2024 Supreme Courts

Ballot Initiatives

Ballot measures have proven to be an effective means to get the redistricting process out of the hands of gerrymandered state legislatures and power-hungry politicians and establish independent commissions.

2024 Supreme Courts

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