Florida is a growing, diverse swing state that could gain two additional congressional seats in 2021. Florida is currently under trifecta control by Republicans and will remain an NDRC target in 2020 — we are targeting the state Senate and House.


Redistricting in Florida

The following timeline is a high-level overview outlining major redistricting events and activity in the state of Florida over the last 10 years.

Congressional Map Timeline


Republicans maintain trifecta control of the state, winning supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature and the governorship.

In response to partisan gerrymandering from 2000, voters passed the “Florida Congressional District Boundaries” constitutional amendments, also widely known as the “Fair Districts” amendments, on November 2 to attempt to combat the partisan practice and establish “fairness” for the process of map-drawing.


Census data delivered to Florida.


Republican-controlled state legislature passes gerrymandered congressional map, ignoring the “Fair Districts” constitutional amendment.

Republican Governor Rick Scott signs the gerrymandered map into law.

President Barack Obama wins the state with 50% of the vote, but Republicans make up 63% of the congressional delegation and state legislature.

Two separate groups of plaintiffs filed challenges to the map in state court.


The state trial court finds that Republican operatives conspired to manipulate the redistricting process to favor their party, and thus that the congressional map was drawn with unconstitutional partisan intent.


The Florida Supreme Court affirms the trial court’s ruling striking down the 2012 congressional map. The Court ordered the Legislature to redraw specific districts, but the Legislature’s special session ended without an adopted plan. The Florida House asked the court to initiate proceedings to adopt a remedial plan, and to invite the plaintiffs in the litigation and the state legislative bodies to submit proposed remedial maps. After doing so, the state Supreme Court adopted a new map for the congressional districts as recommended by the trial court based on those submissions.


Florida almost evenly splits between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the new congressional map yields a fairer delegation with one more Democrat than 2012’s delegation.

State Legislature Timeline


Republican-controlled state legislature passes joint resolution for a gerrymandered map, ignoring the “Fair Districts” constitutional amendment.

The Florida Supreme Court rejects the state Senate plan.

Legislature passes a revised state Senate plan, which the state Supreme Court approves.

The state Senate plan is challenged under the Florida Constitution as, among other things, a violation of the state’s prohibition on partisan gerrymandering.


After the state court found that the legislature had drawn the congressional map with undue partisan influence, the Republican controlled state Senate admitted that it had also drawn the state Senate plan to favor a political party and incumbents and agreed to redraw the state Senate plan.

Legislature convened a special session to re-draw the Senate plan, but failed to do so.

State court ordered a new Senate plan for the 2016 general election.


With the support of the NDRC, Democrats won six seats in the Florida House on Election Day.

1 Know the Decision Makers

The redistricting process is controlled by different elected officials in each state. Knowing who they are and when to vote for them is the key to creating a fairer redistricting process. Legislative lines in Florida are drawn by the state legislature. Congressional lines are drawn by:

  • Governor
  • State Senate
  • State House

2 Know Your State Legislature

Projected state legislature make-up starting in 2019.

Florida Lower Chamber




Florida Upper Chamber




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Court Cases Impacting Florida

Florida underwent years of litigation over its congressional map that resulted in a redraw by the state Supreme Court in 2015.

The League of Women Voters of Florida vs. Ken Detzner

Read the Florida Supreme Court decision.

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