Crooked Media: Eric Holder Post: Lines in the Sand

We have seen a revitalization of citizenship in our country this past year. In beating back the repeal of Obamacare, rallying around DREAMers, and through other civic actions, the progressive grassroots community has risen to defend American values and to protect the advancements we made under President Barack Obama. Millions of Americans, many of whom never imagined themselves as political activists, have used their voices to make a difference.

That activism has translated into electoral results. Victories across Virginia, New Jersey, and special elections coast to coast have given Democrats a boost heading into crucial state and congressional elections next year. But, even in victory,  we can’t grow complacent.

It is tempting to assume that our recent successes, if replicated in national elections, will by themselves restore fairness to our system of representative democracy. In fact they show the opposite: Without structural reforms, even a landslide rejection of the governing party won’t necessarily drive its officials out of power in Congress and state governments around the country.

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