During the 2020 redistricting cycle, Georgia Republicans again gerrymandered the state’s congressional and legislative district maps as they did in 2010, seeking to lock in conservative majorities despite the state’s status as a 50-50 state. In 2015, Republicans redrew district lines mid-decade to protect their majorities in the state legislature, indicating future threats may be on the horizon this decade.

Georgia is an increasingly diverse state, and Georgians deserve fair maps that reflect the growing diversity of the state—that’s why in 2022, NDRC is supporting fair maps champions running for statewide office, including Stacey Abrams for governor and Bee Nguyen for secretary of state. Both offices play a critical role in ensuring fair maps and certification of election results. As we did in 2018 and 2020, we are also seeking to continue to build power in the state House.

Endorsed Candidates

For the 2022 elections in Georgia, we are targeting the following: Governor, Secretary of State, State House

Stacey Abrams Governor
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Bee Nguyen Secretary of State
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How Our Fight Continues

Thanks to the grassroots movement for fair maps, we have maps in place that are far more fair than they would have been if Republicans had been allowed to gerrymander unchecked this past redistricting cycle. But if the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that our fight to protect free and fair elections is far from over. Redistricting has always been part of the larger fight to protect our democracy. The stakes are far too high to stand by the sidelines.

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