Eric Holder Praises Department of Justice Move to Sue Texas Over Gerrymandered Maps

December 6, 2021

“The latest announcement from the Department of Justice to sue Texas for forcing discriminatory, gerrymandered maps upon Texans is a most welcome development in the fight for fair maps in the Lone Star state. This lawsuit shows exactly why the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, along with our partner groups and allies, have been so focused on protecting Texas voters against the self-interested politicians who are desperately prying away proper representation from the people. 

“Governor Abbott gladly signed maps intentionally crafted to dilute the voting strength of the state’s communities of color, effectively allowing power-hungry politicians to dodge competitive elections. Instead of running a fair redistricting process that properly accounts for Texas’ significant demographic growth and adjusting their own policies to accommodate a new political landscape, the governor and his colleagues are cowering behind anti-democracy maps in order to hold on to their careers. 

“The future of democracy is at stake in Texas, and this shameful attempt to suppress the vote must be stopped. The DOJ’s lawsuit is a tremendous step in the fight to hold Texas Republicans accountable and return power back to the people—where it belongs.”