Fair Districts Pledge

For too long, partisan gerrymandering has been used as a tool to manipulate electoral districts to benefit political parties instead of the voters.

I believe every elected official should be accountable to the people they represent, which means we need to end gerrymandering.

I pledge to support fair redistricting that ends map manipulation and creates truly representative districts.


Want to take a stand against gerrymandering and help put an end to map manipulation? Sign the Fair Districts Pledge and commit to fight for fair, representative districts. Download the pledge here, sign it, and then email info@democraticredistricting.com for additional instructions.

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Party Leaders

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Former Secretary of State
Eric Holder
Eric Holder
Former Attorney General
Terry McAuliffe
Terry McAuliffe
Former DNC Chair and Governor of Virginia
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House

Candidates & Office Holders

Candidate Michael Bennet
Michael Bennet
Candidate Joe Biden
Joe Biden
Candidate Mike Bloomberg
Mike Bloomberg
Candidate Cory Booker
Cory Booker
Candidate Steve Bullock
Steve Bullock
Candidate Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg
Candidate  Julián Castro
Julián Castro
Candidate Bill de Blasio
Bill de Blasio
Candidate John Delaney
John Delaney
Candidate Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard
Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand
Kirsten Gillibrand
Candidate Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris
Candidate John Hickenlooper
John Hickenlooper
Candidate Jay Inslee
Jay Inslee
Candidate Amy Klobuchar
Amy Klobuchar
Candidate Seth Moulton
Seth Moulton
Candidate Beto O'Rourke
Beto O'Rourke
Candidate Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan
Candidate Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
Candidate Joe Sestak
Joe Sestak
Candidate Tom Steyer
Tom Steyer
Candidate Eric Swalwell
Eric Swalwell
Candidate Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren
Candidate Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson
Candidate Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang
Office Holder Gretchen Whitmer
Gretchen Whitmer

congress/state legislators

  • Kathie Allen, Candidate, UT, UT-03
  • Missy Cotter Smasal, Candidate, VA, SD-08
  • Lashrecse Aird, Delegate, VA, HD-63
  • Kim Alexander, State Representative, GA, HD-66
  • Erick Allen, State Representative, GA, HD-40
  • Marti Anderson, State Representative, IA, HD-36
  • Alex Askew, Candidate, VA, HD-85
  • Hala Ayala, Delegate, VA, HD-51
  • Larry Barnett, Candidate, VA, HD-27
  • Donna Beheydt, Candidate, OH, HD-69
  • John Bell, Candidate, VA, SD-13
  • James Beverly, State Representative, GA, HD-143
  • Gil Blair, State Representative, OH, HD-63
  • William Boddie, State Representative, GA, HD-62
  • Kristin Boggs, State Representative, OH, HD-18
  • Pepper Bowen Roussel, Candidate, LA, HD-91
  • Sean Bowie, State Senator, AZ, SD-18
  • Jennifer Boysko, State Senator, VA, SD-33
  • Margie Bright Matthews, State Senator, SC, SD-45
  • Zachary Brown, Candidate, VA, SD-10
  • Roger Bruce, State Representative, GA, HD-61
  • Debbie Bucknor, State Representative, GA, HD-137
  • Sheila Bynum-Coleman, Candidate, VA, HD-66
  • Jared C. Brossett, City Council Member, LA, New Orleans
  • Joseph C. Lindsey, Delegate, VA, HD-90
  • Park Cannon, State Representative, GA, HD-58
  • Mark Carr, Candidate, OH, HD-71
  • Doreen Carter, State Representative, GA, HD-92
  • Jasmine Clark, State Representative, GA, HD-108
  • Tyrel Clark, Candidate, MN, HD-26B
  • Joshua Cole, Candidate, VA, HD-28
  • Kelly Convirs-Fowler, Delegate, VA, HD-21
  • Erica Crawley, State Representative, OH, HD-26
  • Viola Davis, State Representative, GA, HD-87
  • Debra Debra Bazemore, State Representative, GA, HD-63
  • Karrie Delaney, Delegate, VA, HD-67
  • Karin Derry, State Representative, IA, HD-39
  • Steve Descano, Candidate, VA, Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney
  • Charlotte DiLorenzo, State Representative, NH, HD-17
  • Carling Dinkler, Candidate, LA, HD-91
  • Lindsey Dougherty, Candidate, VA, HD-62
  • David Dreyer, State Representative, GA, HD-59
  • Winifred Dukes, State Representative, GA, HD-154
  • Mary Eisner, State Representative, NH, HD-06
  • Daymon Ely, State Representative, NM, HD-23
  • Becky Evans, State Representative, GA, HD-83
  • Charlene Fernandez, State Representative, AZ, HD-04
  • Jennifer Foy, Delegate, VA, HD-2
  • Nicole Galloway, Office Holder, MO, State Auditor
  • Tavia Galonski, State Representative, OH, HD-35
  • Pat Gardner, State Representative, GA, HD-57
  • Wendy Gooditis, Delegate, VA, HD-10
  • Amanda Green, Candidate, PA, Superior Court Judge
  • Jaci Grote, State Representative, NH, HD-24
  • Nancy Guy, Candidate, VA, HD-83
  • Ann Harlan, State Representative, NC, HD-39
  • AJ Harris, Candidate, OH, HD-36
  • Ghazala Hashmi, Candidate, VA, SD-10
  • Dan Helmer, Candidate, VA, HD-40
  • Philip Hernandez, Candidate, VA, HD-100
  • Lois Herr, Candidate, PA, SD-48
  • Betsy Holland, State Representative, GA, HD-54
  • Carolyn Hughley, State Representative, GA, HD-136
  • Shelly Hutchinson, State Representative, GA, HD-107
  • Derrick Jackson, State Representative, GA, HD-64
  • Mohamud Jama, Candidate, OH, HD-25
  • Joseph H. Jefferson, State Representative, SC, HD-102
  • Clinton Jenkins, Candidate, VA, HD-76
  • Laurel Johnson, Candidate, OH, HD-03
  • Angelika Kausche, State Representative, GA, HD-50
  • Molly Kelly, State Senator, NH, SD-10
  • Gregg Kennard, State Representative, GA, HD-102
  • Jennifer Konfrst, State Representative, IA, SD-43
  • Kaye Kory, Delegate, VA, HD-38
  • Paul Krizek, Delegate, VA, HD-44
  • Mandie Landry, Candidate, LA, HD-91
  • Karen Mallard, Candidate, VA, HD-84
  • Elizabeth Markowitz, Candidate, TX, HD-28
  • Dewey McClain, State Representative, GA, HD-100
  • Josh McLaurin, State Representative, GA, HD-51
  • Donna Mcleod, State Representative, GA, HD-105
  • Mia McLeod, State Senator, SC, SD-22
  • Mujtaba A. Mohammed, State Senator, NC, SD-38
  • Omar Montgomery, Candidate, CO, Mayor - Aurora
  • Rachael Morocco, Candidate, OH, HD-67
  • Martha Mugler, Candidate, VA, HD-91
  • Mike Mullin, Delegate, VA, HD-93
  • Nancy Murphy, State Representative, NH, HD-21
  • Len Myers, Candidate, VA, HD-81
  • Wiley Nickel, State Senator, NC, SD-16
  • Michelle Novak, Candidate, OH, HD-53
  • Sam Park, State Representative, GA, HD-101
  • Jennifer Pawlik, State Representative, AZ, HD-17
  • Janet Petersen, State Senator, IA, SD-18
  • Kenneth Plum, Delegate, VA, HD-36
  • Amanda Pohl, Candidate, VA, SD-11
  • William B. Pratt, State Representative, NM, HD-27
  • Marcia Price, Delegate, VA, HD-95
  • Jennifer Rager Kay, Candidate, PA, HD-85
  • Cynthia Richards, Candidate, OH, HD-79
  • Mary Robichaux, State Representative, GA, HD-48
  • Debra Rodman, Candidate, VA, SD-12
  • Erin Rosiello, Candidate, OH, HD-62
  • Todd Rutherford, House Minority Leader, SC, HD-74
  • Ibraheem Samirah, Delegate, VA, HD-86
  • Rob Sand, State Auditor, IA
  • Peter B. Schmidt, State Representative, NH, HD-19
  • Kim Schofield, State Representative, GA, HD-60
  • John L. Scott, Jr., State Senator, SC, SD-19
  • Sam Searcy, State Senator, NC, SD-17
  • Shelly Simonds, Candidate, VA, HD-94
  • Peter Somssich, State Representative, NH, HD-27
  • Bill Tallman, State Senator, NM, SD-18
  • Shea Tan Henderson, Candidate, MO, SD-28
  • Bob Tramell, State Representative, GA, HD-132
  • Kathy Tran, Delegate, VA, HD-42
  • Chris Turner, State Representative, TX, HD-101
  • Cheryl Turpin, Candidate, VA, SD-07
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg, Delegate, VA, HD-72
  • Vivian Watts, Delegate, VA, HD-39
  • Garrett Westhoven, OH, HD-76
  • Melissa Wilde, Candidate, OH, HD-77
  • Mike Wilenski, State Representative, GA, HD-79
  • Mary Francis Williams, State Representative, GA, HD-37
  • Matthew Wilson, State Representative, GA, HD-80
  • Jennifer Woofter, Candidate, VA, HD-22
  • Beth Workman, Candidate, OH, HD-92

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