Holder, Elias Statements on SCOTUS Decision to Hear Wisconsin Case

Today, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee released the following statements on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case challenging politically gerrymandered maps in Wisconsin:

“The National Democratic Redistricting Committee welcomes the review of the Wisconsin maps,” said NDRC Chairman Eric Holder. “In 2011, Republican gerrymandering reached new extremes with pinpoint-precision technology that sliced-and-diced American communities. Since then, courts have repeatedly struck down maps as illegal gerrymanders that diminish the voices of Americans. This Wisconsin case, like other gerrymandering cases, is an important front in reining in gerrymandering. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee will continue to advocate for fairer lines that ensure all communities have representation at the ballot box.”

“This case is the latest sign that the courts remain a strong check on extreme Republican gerrymandering,” said NDRC Senior Advisor and General Counsel Marc Elias. “We’ve already made major progress by overturning illegal gerrymandering in Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina. This Wisconsin case — and several others in the pipeline — will halt these illegal maps, now and in the future.”

Holder, the former U.S. Attorney General, made voting rights a hallmark of his tenure as Attorney General. Elias is chair of Perkins Coie’s political law practice.