Holder, Elias Statements on Court Ruling in Texas Redistricting Case

Today, the NDRC released the following statements regarding a federal court ruling invalidating two of Texas’ congressional districts:

“This ruling is a significant step towards fairer maps for the citizens of Texas,” said NDRC Chairman Eric Holder. “The federal court ruling was clear: Texas’ redistricting strategy was ‘discriminatory at its heart.’ The state legislature illegally drew maps designed to minimize the voice of minority communities in our American democracy.

“After this week’s events, it is even more critical that our democracy fairly represent all of America’s diverse communities. While we still have a long way to go, this ruling in Texas is a significant step towards that goal.”

Counsel for the National Redistricting Foundation, an NDRC-affiliated group, represented plaintiffs in the two districts that the court found violated the law.

“The NDRC was proud to play a pivotal role in the legal efforts in Perez v. Abbott that struck down two congressional districts,” said NDRC Senior Advisor Marc Elias. “While we will continue to work for fairer maps across Texas, we are pleased with the Court’s demand for a remedy to finally cure the deep-seated legal infirmities in South/West Texas.”

“This case will not only mean more representative districts in Texas; it also sends a clear message to legislatures around the country that illegal racial gerrymandering and intentional efforts squelch minority voting strength will not stand.”

Holder, the former U.S. Attorney General, made voting rights a hallmark of his tenure as Attorney General. Elias is the chair of Perkins Coie’s Political Law Practice.