Holder Statement on NC Redistricting Maps

Today, former Attorney General and NDRC Chair Eric Holder released the following statement on new maps that will be reviewed at a North Carolina Senate Committee on Redistricting hearing today at 2PM:

North Carolina’s legislature must reject the new gerrymandered maps before the redistricting committees today and tomorrow,” said Holder. “This week, North Carolinians packed meetings across the state to make clear that these maps would divide communities and diminish the value of their votes. The citizens of North Carolina have spoken clearly: The new maps are just as bad as the old illegal maps.”

These new maps do nothing to fix the illegal 2011 maps that were struck down by the Supreme Court as racial gerrymanders. New maps should ensure that the voters in North Carolina pick their representatives, instead of politicians picking their voters. The current proposal fails that basic test of democracy. It’s time for the legislature to produce fair maps that represent North Carolina’s diverse communities.”