ICYMI: Kansans ‘Throw Water’ on Republican Gerrymandered Map

January 21, 2022

Washington, DC — Today, the Kansas Senate passed their gerrymandered congressional map with only Republican support. The map would split apart the Kansas City metro region and pair portions of it with rural parts of the state, going against the wishes of many Kansans who participated in public hearings leading up to the release of the map.  

Republican map drawers gave the public less than 24 hours to submit comments on the gerrymandered map. In response, Kansans voiced their opposition and made it clear that they were not happy that Republicans ignored hundreds of public comments submitted prior to the map’s release, which called for Wyandotte and Johnson Counties to be kept together, recognizing their similar demographic, economic, and historical ties. 

Splitting the Kansas City metro area – the most populous and diverse region of the state – would disproportionately affect communities of color and diminish the political power of this community of interest. This week’s headlines about the gerrymandered map speak for themselves. Here’s a sample of what we’ve seen: 

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