National Democratic Redistricting Committee and End Citizens United // Let America Vote Call Out Republicans for Blocking Popular For the People Act Measures


Fabiola Rodriguez

For Immediate Release

Today, National Democratic Redistricting Committee President Kelly Burton and End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller spoke with reporters after Republicans again filibustered the For the People Act. Led by Senator Ted Cruz, Republicans prevented a vote on a nationwide ban on partisan gerrymandering. Polling shows 82% of Americans, including 71% of Republicans, support ending partisan gerrymandering. 

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Excerpts from NDRC President Kelly Burton’s remarks on the call:


“We have one party that believes in democracy and the right to vote, and we have another party that is dying and is marching towards authoritarianism to try to stay in power for as long as possible. 


That contrast was on full display early this morning when Senate Republicans unanimously opposed both the For the People Act and a bill that would reduce partisan gerrymandering.”

“We are a day away from the release of final population data from the Census Bureau. As you know, this is the data that all the states will use to draw their maps, and it marks the beginning of the final phase of the redistricting process.


“Republicans have been very clear that they intend to use the redistricting process to draw themselves into a majority in the House and, in their words, “secure a decade of power.

“If we do not end partisan gerrymandering by the time lawmakers draw the maps and candidates file to run for office, today’s Republican Party will absolutely draw the most egregious gerrymandered maps our country has ever seen. And they will use those maps to try to secure a House majority in 2022.


“Gerrymandering is cheating, and it’s a form of voter suppression. That’s why the Senate must pass S.1 as soon as lawmakers return from August recess. Majority Leader Schumer knows the significance of this moment and that is why has said this legislation will be back on the agenda for September.”



Chaired by former Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is the first-ever strategic hub for redistricting focused on winning targeted elections, advancing legal action, and building up the political infrastructure to achieve a fairer redistricting process.