NDRC Affiliates Invest in State Activity, Holder to Travel to Wisconsin, Texas

Washington, D.C. – The National Democratic Redistricting Committee and its affiliated entities are announcing investments to support candidates running in spring elections in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and fight a potential change to the judicial selection process in Iowa. In addition, NDRC Chairman Eric H. Holder, Jr., the 82nd Attorney General of the United States, will be traveling to Wisconsin on March 14 and 15 ahead of the upcoming state Supreme Court race and Texas on March 20. Holder will meet with local activists, young people, and people of color to discuss the importance of engaging in state and local races. More details on specific events will be forthcoming.

“The National Democratic Redistricting Committee will continue focusing on the important state and local fights that matter a great deal in the day to day lives of the American people,” said Eric H. Holder, Jr. “With state legislatures set to draw new electoral maps in 2021, what happens at the state level over the next couple of years will shape the next decade of our politics. We can and must rebuild our democracy from the local level up.”

The National Redistricting Action Fund (NRAF), the 501c4 affiliate of NDRC, is investing $350,000 in Together Wisconsin Acts and BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing Communities) to support advertising and organizing for Judge Lisa Neubauer’s campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court that will be decided on April 2nd.

The National Democratic Redistricting PAC is investing $25,000 in the Pennsylvania State Senate Caucus to support Pam Iovino’s campaign for Senate District 37 in a special election race that will be decided on April 2nd.

The NRAF is investing $10,000 in Progress Iowa to fight back against an attempt by Republicans in the state legislature to change the process for selecting state judges in Iowa. The current proposal would diminish the role of the American Bar Association (ABA) and allow for greater partisan influence over the process.

The NDRC is the first-ever strategic hub for a comprehensive redistricting strategy that includes winning targeted elections, reforming the system, advancing legal action and building the infrastructure needed to achieve a fair redistricting process. Our goal is to restore fairness to our democracy and ensure every American has an equal say in our government.