NDRC Announces Fair Districts Pledge for Candidates and Elected Officials

Holder Will Travel in June To Early Presidential Primary States to Discuss Importance of Redistricting

Today, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is announcing a “Fair Districts Pledge” that asks candidates and elected officials to commit that she or he supports fair redistricting. In addition to announcing the pledge, Eric H. Holder, Jr., the 82nd Attorney General of the United States and Chairman of the NDRC, will be traveling to early presidential primary states to talk with voters and activists about the importance of fair redistricting and the negative effects gerrymandering has on our political system. Holder will be traveling to South Carolina on June 13, Iowa on June 14, and New Hampshire on June 21 and 22. More details on his travel will be forthcoming.

“We’re asking candidates and elected officials — whether they are running for president or serving in the state legislature — to support fair redistricting and say now is the time to end map manipulation,” said Holder. “Gerrymandering contributes to our dysfunctional political system because it allows politicians to cater to the special interests and the extremes of their party, while ignoring the people they represent. We need to end the broken practice of politicians picking their voters and allow the people to choose their representatives.”

The NDRC Fair Districts Pledge is as follows:

“For too long, partisan gerrymandering has been used as a tool to manipulate electoral districts to benefit political parties instead of the voters.

I believe every elected official should be accountable to the people they represent, which means we need to end gerrymandering.

I pledge to support fair redistricting that ends map manipulation and creates truly representative districts.”

The NDRC will be tracking candidates and elected officials who sign the pledge on our website: https://prdndrc.wpengine.com/fair-districts-pledge/.

The NDRC is the first-ever strategic hub for a comprehensive redistricting strategy that includes winning targeted elections, reforming the system, advancing legal action and building the infrastructure needed to achieve a fair redistricting process. Our goal is to restore fairness to our democracy and ensure every American has an equal say in our government.