Fabiola Rodriguez

 NDRC Applauds Texas Legislators For Blocking Anti-Voting Rights Bill

 SB7 Would Have Created Barriers to Vote By Mail and is Part of the Republican Crusade Against Voting Rights 

Today, Texas House Democrats ended Governor Abbott’s crusade to restrict Texan’s access to the ballot box. The bill would have created deliberate barriers to block voters from exercising their right to vote.

 “SB7 was an un-American and shameful attempt to silence the will of Texans and yet another assault on voting rights in our country – similar to what we’ve seen in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and Georgia. The bill had nothing to do with election security or integrity, but rather was another discriminatory measure that would have made it harder for people to vote, particularly communities of color. The power to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy and despite the opposition of Texan voters, Republican state legislators continue to wage a full-scale attack,” said NDRC States Press Secretary Fabiola Rodriguez.

“Texas Democrats stood strong and protected the ability for Texans to vote without interference. While Texas Democrats were successful in blocking the passage of SB7, Republicans in the legislature have made it clear that they care more about holding onto power and will stop at nothing to create barriers that prevent voters from exercising their right to vote.

Voting is a fundamental right in our nation that should never be compromised and the NDRC urges Texas legislators to continue to oppose SB7 in the future,” continued Rodriguez.