NDRC Condemns Republican Led Texas House Committee on Elections For Denying a Public Hearing on SB7 – A Divisive Anti-Voting Rights Bill


Fabiola Rodriguez rodriguez@democraticredistricting.com

Yesterday, the Republican led, Texas House Committee on Elections voted to approve Senate Bill 7, a divisive anti-voting rights bill. The Committee refused to allow a public hearing on this egregious bill that attempts to restrict access to the ballot box and creates deliberate barriers to block communities of color from exercising their right to vote.

“Chairman Cain and his Republican colleagues on the House Committee on Elections should be ashamed of themselves for disregarding their Democratic colleagues and denying a public hearing on SB7, an anti-voting rights bill that unfairly targets and disproportionately impacts communities of color,” said NDRC States Press Secretary Fabiola Rodriguez. 

“This week’s actions prove that Republicans in the legislature care more about holding onto power and are perfectly comfortable bending or breaking the rules rather than working in the best interests of all Texans. The legislature’s ongoing push to put up challenges for voters is likely a preview of how they will act during the redistricting process. NDRC will do everything in our power to work with our partners in the Lone Star State to ensure that there is a transparent process that results in a map where communities in every corner of the state are fairly represented,” continued Rodriguez.