NDRC Invests Six Figures in Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio for State Legislative Races


NDRC Invests Six Figures in Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio for State Legislative Races 

Washington, D.C. – The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is announcing an early round of investments by its political action committee, the National Democratic Redistricting PAC, in state and local efforts before critical elections happening this fall. The investment, which totals $133,000 across Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio, all political priorities for redistricting. With early primaries in March, this investment will help Democratic efforts in all three states build infrastructure and hire staff for top-tier races for the state legislatures. 

“The state legislative races in 2020 are our last chance to ensure a fair redistricting process in 2021,” said Eric H. Holder, Jr., the 82nd Attorney General of the United States and Chairman of the NDRC. “The National Democratic Redistricting Committee will continue focusing on the important state and local fights that will shape the next decade of politics in America. Our goal in these states is to ensure fairness by breaking up one party control of the process and ensure that Republicans are not able to once again manipulate the maps. It’s time to end this era of gerrymandering in America and give power back to the people, where it belongs.” 

Texas House Democratic Campaign Caucus Chair Celia Israel said:  “The Texas HDCC is proud to partner with NDRC to fight for fair maps that reflect the tremendous growth we’ve been experiencing.  We are making history in Texas this year and I’m so proud to have the support of NDRC in this most important election year.”

North Carolina House Democratic Leader Darren Jackson said:  “The North Carolina House is at the front lines of the 2020 battle for fair redistricting maps.  The only way to block future gerrymandering is to elect a House Democratic majority committed to non-partisan redistricting reform.  The National Redistricting Committee’s initial investment recognizes the importance of electing Democrats in the North Carolina House.”

Ohio House Democratic Leader Emilia Sykes said:  “We greatly appreciate the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s belief that an early investment in Ohio is wise and prudent because we are going to be competitive from the top to the bottom of the ticket this November. We hope other groups who are hesitant to invest in us will take a cue from AG Holder because it’s a mistake to underestimate us. We have an opportunity this year to make our Democracy stronger. We can have fair districts, fair elections and a process in which voters pick their public servants instead of partisan politicians choosing their voters through undemocratic gerrymandering,”

The National Democratic Redistricting PAC is investing $50,000 in the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee ahead of crucial elections this fall that will determine control of the House chamber. Democrats are 9 seats from flipping the House, which would prevent Republicans from having total control of the redistricting process in 2021. 

North Carolina
The National Democratic Redistricting PAC is investing $50,000 in North Carolina, with $25,000 to the North Carolina Democratic Party Senate Caucus and $25,000 to the North Carolina Democratic Party House Caucus. In North Carolina, the governor does not sign or veto the maps, which means the process is completely controlled by the two chambers of the General Assembly.

The elections this fall will be the first on newly-drawn maps following a lawsuit in state court that found the old maps were partisan gerrymanders that violated the state constitution. 

The National Democratic Redistricting PAC is investing $33,000 in Ohio, with $19.938.53 to the Ohio House Democratic Caucus and $13,292.35 to the House Minority Leader’s campaign committee. Given the redistricting reform that passed Ohio in 2018 that requires 60 percent support in each chamber of the legislature, including support from at least half of the members of each major political party, an increase in Democratic Party representation in the legislature will help ensure more bipartisan map-drawing process. 

The NDRC is the first-ever strategic hub for a comprehensive redistricting strategy that includes winning targeted elections, reforming the system, advancing legal action and building the infrastructure needed to achieve a fair redistricting process. Our goal is to restore fairness to our democracy and ensure every American has an equal say in our government.