NDRC Statement on New Hampshire General Court Passage of GOP’s Congressional Map

May 26, 2022

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Republican-led New Hampshire General Court passed a congressional map that is an obvious partisan gerrymander. Rather than keeping the state’s two congressional districts similar to how they have been drawn for the past 140 years, which has allowed more competition between both parties, New Hampshire Republicans drew a first district that unnaturally favors their party. 

“New Hampshire Republicans had a choice to uphold the state’s century-long tradition of competition and fair elections or to pursue partisan greed over the will of the people,” said Liz Wester, the NDRC’s States and Advocacy Director. “It is unfortunately unsurprising that they chose the latter. Now it’s up to Governor Sununu to keep his word to New Hampshire voters and veto this egregious partisan gerrymander.”