NDRC Statement on New Hampshire State Senate Passage of Gerrymandered Congressional Map

March 17, 2022

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Republican-led New Hampshire State Senate passed a congressional map that is gerrymandered in favor of the Republican Party. The map will now go to Governor Sununu’s desk where he has the choice to uphold his word to veto the map or to fall in line with an egregious partisan gerrymander. Today, Governor Sununu stated his intent to veto the congressional map.
“This map is a clear partisan gerrymander and New Hampshire voters deserve better,” said Liz Wester, the NDRC’s States and Advocacy Director. “Senate Republicans have failed their responsibility to pass a fair congressional map that accurately reflects the state, and keeps communities of interest together. By promising to veto this map, Governor Sununu has upheld his commitment to best serve the interests of the people of New Hampshire, in contrast to a large club of Republican governors who have been nothing but a rubber stamp for gerrymanders across the country. While Governor Sununu’s plan to veto the map is a step in the right direction, he chose to stand in the way of fair maps by voting down the creation of an independent redistricting commission.”