NPR: Eric Holder on Redistricting and Special Session in Texas


Fabiola Rodriguez

“Holder said he wants to make sure Republicans in Texas don’t draw maps that favor their party at the expense of racial minorities.”

As the special redistricting session in Texas begins today, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), Chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder, is calling on the Republican-led legislature to hold additional hearings and consider public testimony to understand how their proposed maps could be improved to reflect the state’s growing and diverse population.  

In an interview this week with Austin’s NPR, former Attorney General Eric Holder highlighted the importance of drawing fair maps in Texas, saying: “If you draw those maps fairly, you will have much more competitive districts, you will have greater representation for communities of color and for the Hispanic community.”

Based on the gerrymandered state Senate map released over the weekend, Texas Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they have zero interest in drawing any maps that accurately reflect the people of the Lone Star State.  

That’s why NDRC, its affiliates, and other community organizations continue to work tirelessly to engage and educate Texans about the redistricting process to ensure the legislature is held accountable to holding public hearings on maps. The census data was clear: 95% of the population growth in Texas came from people of color and is centered in urban and suburban communities. There is absolutely no way Republicans can draw maps that benefit them without gerrymandering. 

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