OFA and NDRC Announce Partnership

Monday, OFA and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) are launching a new partnership in order to provide grassroots support for critical efforts to restore fair representation to Congress and state legislatures.

OFA has always worked to create a stronger, more inclusive democracy, and will continue to fight for progressive change on issues like health care, climate change, and immigration. With this new partnership, OFA and NDRC will join forces to help reform the undemocratic practice of allowing politicians to redraw our congressional and state legislative districts in ways that cater to political extremes and leave too many voters feeling as if they don’t have a voice. As former President Obama has said, “Politicians shouldn’t pick their voters; voters should pick their politicians.”

OFA will use its vast grassroots infrastructure to organize, educate, and engage supporters both in the digital space and on the ground to help support NDRC’s mission. That will include a targeted email and social media program to convey how critical fair districts are to our democracy and to identify volunteers who are invested in this fight and ready to be community leaders on the issue. Education will be paramount, so our first endeavor will be organizing house parties around the country to familiarize people with redistricting and outline future plans for what this program will entail on a state-by-state basis. We will also launch online trainings to this end in the coming months, and continue to find ways to work strategically to advance our shared mission.

“The millions of grassroots volunteers who power OFA have been fighting to expand equality for years – the opportunity to partner with NDRC to rally support for fairer districts is a natural extension of that work and OFA members are eager to roll up their sleeves on this critical issue.” – OFA Executive Director, Katie Hogan

“One of the core goals of NDRC’s work is ensuring the American people have their voices heard the next time elected officials draw Congressional and state legislative maps. We’re excited about this partnership and can’t wait to engage with the OFA community on this important work. Fixing gerrymandering can be the key that unlocks progress on so many issues the American people care about.” – NDRC Executive Director, Kelly Ward