Statement from Eric Holder on the Passing of Senator Harry Reid

December 28, 2021

“Harry Reid was a giant of the Senate and a truly great American. He never lost touch with his roots and always remembered that too many Americans continue to grow up like he did: poor and neglected by those who have the capacity to make change possible. Senator Reid was a fierce defender of our democracy and embraced change when it was necessary to make our government work.

People say he was tough. Damn right. More public officials need to be tough like him; unafraid to confront an unjust status quo and committed to the ideals that, when honored, make this nation exceptional. Harry Reid embraced the uncertainty of the future, rejected a destructive adherence to tradition, and worked to make the years to come be ones filled with fairness and opportunity. More public officials—and at this time Democrats in particular—need to follow the example of Harry Reid. Be as tough, strong, and committed as he was.

Harry Reid made America better.”