Molly Mitchell

NDRC Calls On VA’s Senate To Follow 
House & Immediately Pass HB 2324

Bill Allows for Unfit Citizens to be Removed from Virginia’s Redistricting Commission


Last night, the Virginia House passed HB 2324, a bill introduced by state legislature Democrats to remove commissioners for neglect of duty or gross misconduct from the Redistricting Commission. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) was the first group to publicly call for Jose Feliciano Jr. to resign from the commission after discovering tweets that included election lies, misogyny, conspiracy theories, and questioning America’s involvement with slavery. This led to a public outcry culminating in several public input comments demanding his removal as well as a petition with over 48 thousand signatures calling on Feliciano to resign. 

“NDRC commends Virginia’s House for passing HB 2324. Jose Feliciano Jr.’s conduct on Twitter and refusal to resign highlights the need for him to be removed from the Redistricting Commission immediately. We call on the Senate to pass HB 2324 as soon as possible, so that a new citizen commissioner can replace Feliciano and the commission can get back to the important work of drawing fair maps for all Virginians,” said Molly Mitchell, NDRC States Press Secretary. 

“With just eight slots for citizens on Virginia’s Redistricting Commission, a group that will shape the state’s balance of power for the next decade, we need to set the highest standards for commissioners. Any individual like Feliciano who tweets misogyny and election conspiracy theories is not qualified to serve and we look forward to the Senate passing the bill to remove him,” continued Mitchell.