Statement from NDRC Chairman Eric Holder on Georgia House Redistricting Plan

In a vote earlier this month, Georgia House Republicans made a last second effort to re-gerrymander 9 districts to protect previously vulnerable Republicans. The bill, HB 515, moves some predominantly minority precincts out of Republican-held districts and into Democratic districts.

NDRC Chairman Eric Holder, the former U.S. Attorney General, released the following statement on the Georgia House redistricting plan, calling on the Senate and Governor to reject the maneuver:

“The Georgia House’s last-minute power grab is political map-rigging at its worst. In a brazen political move, the House moved African-American voters out of swing districts to protect incumbents.”

“Voters should choose their elected representatives, not the other way around. Instead, politicians in the Georgia House chose their voters behind closed doors in a secretive process without voter input. Governor Deal and the Georgia Senate should reject this attempt to rig the political system.”