Democrats Gain Momentum in the Redistricting Battle

Election Night 2018 was a great night for Democrats on many fronts, including our fight to shift the balance of power away from Republicans before redistricting occurs in 2021.

  • We won governors’ races in 8 states: Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Virginia (in 2017).
  • We flipped 6 legislative chambers: Colorado Senate, Maine Senate, Minnesota House, New Hampshire House and Senate, and the New York Senate
  • We broke supermajorities in 4 chambers: North Carolina House and Senate, Michigan Senate, and the Pennsylvania Senate
  • We made gains in 7 additional legislative chambers: Michigan House, Ohio House and Senate, Texas House and Senate, Pennsylvania House, and the Virginia House of Delegates (in 2017).
  • We won 3 state Supreme Court races: North Carolina (Anita Earls – with her win, we’ll retain the majority), Michigan (Megan Cavanagh), and Wisconsin (Rebecca Dallet earlier this year).
  • This means that — since 2011 redistricting — we’ve broken up trifecta control in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Virginia, as well as Maine.

Though Democrats today are in a much better position to fight for fair maps than we were in 2011, we must continue our fight. We have big plans to continue this momentum into the 2019 and 2020 elections.