ICYMI: NDRC ‘Sent a Message’ in Stopping Georgia Gerrymandering

In case you missed it, the NDRC was featured in OZY for its work fighting back against Republican gerrymandering. Specifically, the article highlights NDRC Chairman Eric Holder’s role in stopping a Republican plan in Georgia to pack minority voters into fewer districts:

When Georgia Republicans this year sought to make two legislators’ reelections a tad safer by moving some of their Black constituents into neighboring districts and replacing them with whites, it was the kind of state-level shenanigans that don’t tend to cause a national stir. Then former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder weighed in, urging the governor and the state senate to “reject this attempt to rig the political system.” He didn’t say “see you in court,” but he didn’t have to. Georgia lawmakers backed down, and Holder and his new National Democratic Redistricting Committee sent a message that they are keeping close watch on the shaping of the nation’s political maps. And if flinching turns to fighting, they’ll be looking at the courts as their most important weapon.”

Also detailed are the NDRC’s plans to use the courts and ballot initiatives to redraw the lines where possible, and to be involved in gubernatorial races where a governor’s veto could lead to fairer maps in the next round of redistricting.

Read more: OZY, May 12, 2017