NDRC Slams Wisconsin GOP’s Redistricting Bill As Another Gerrymandering Scheme

October 19, 2023

Washington, D.C. –  Today, in the midst of growing opposition to Senate Bill 488/Assembly Bill 415, the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection will host a hearing on the bill. Wisconsin Republicans have claimed that the bill is a redistricting reform bill modeled off of Iowa’s redistricting process, but it is riddled with loopholes that would allow politicians to ultimately gerrymander the maps. 

National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) President John Bisognano released the following statement ahead of the committee hearing: 

“This so-called ‘reform’ bill is another GOP gerrymandering scheme. Wisconsin Republicans have put forward a bill that is riddled with loopholes to ensure the map drawing process remains in the hands of politicians with a history of drawing some of the most extreme gerrymanders in the country. Wisconsinites have made it clear that this GOP gerrymandering bill is a non-starter, and they deserve much better than this.” 

This month’s headlines about the Wisconsin GOP’s gerrymandering bill speak for themselves. Here’s a sample of what we’ve seen: 

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